CASARA NL was born when the CASARA (Civil Air Search And Rescue Association) was nationally formed in 1986. We typically have around 50+ members and 5+ volunteer aircraft accessible in our Member Organization at all times. Our sole focus is to conduct tasked searches in Newfoundland and occasionally Labrador, helping to supply aeronautical SAR services in this area.




With CASARA's connection to the Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF), our MO has a great SAR resource base with two Search and Rescue (SAR) squadrons near by (413 Squadron - Greenwood & 103 Squadron - Gander). This gives our volunteer members the ability to fly as spotters on RCAF aircraft when needed or offered. Therefore, seeing or being in a CH-149 Cormorant helicopter (down below) or CC-130 "Herc" aircraft is "not so distant" when you are a part of our team!




CASARA NL has great SAR Co-Operational capabilities and relationships. With partnerships like the Royal Newfoundland Constabulary (RNC) and RCMP, it allows us to partake in tasked "missing persons" cases within the province. Many of our members are also members of Ground Search & Rescue teams, giving us a well rounded skills of ground and air SAR among our volunteers. Since there are multiple military SAR squadrons near by, many of our members have a background in former military SAR, allowing for a concentrated SAR knowledge base for our team. Our volunteers receive regular training "in and out of the classroom", providing a great learning environment for anyone that is looking to be involved with SAR.

NL has its legacy of being the "Crossroads of the World" as the last or first stop for overseas flights, but that means we also have a challenging terrain as a maritime province. Newfoundland has over 17,000km of coastline, involving water and land environments for our spotters. Not to mention, NL has over 31,000 km sq worth of fresh water, which includes rivers and ponds in the interior. This type of environment, provides an exclusive SAR experience that may not be found in other places within Canada. This is why a strong team is needed for our MO, and we are always up to the challenge when it is called upon, so

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