Team Members

The CASARA NL team is dedicated to leading our volunteers located in Newfoundland and Labrador. These are the members who dedicate their time and effort into managing and leading the NL Member Organization to make successful search and rescue taskings possible.

Provincial President: Maurice Murphy

Maurice is our President of CASARA NL and has been a member of CASARA NL since 1986! With over 35+ years of experience, he holds this title with roles as a Pilot and Ground Homing Specialist. With his own privately owned aircraft, Maurice plays a crucial role in providing leadership and operational assistance for NL.

Treasurer: Rick O'Neill

Rick has been with CASARA since the early 2000’s and holds the title of Treasurer here at CASARA NL. As a Pilot, he owns his own Cessna 172 that can be seen here on our About page here! Besides being a pilot, Rick also is also a radio operator and ground support member. He is a great asset to the team and helps make the MO operationally ready for searches.

Provincial Safety Officer: Wayde Butler

Wayde has been involved with CASARA for 8 years and now holds the title of Provincial Safety Officer. As a Safety Officer, he focuses on providing safety related services, but also fulfills the role as a spotter, Zone board member and MO Book Keeper. Wayde joined after a 37 year career with the Canadian Coast Guard. In that time he was a navigation officer and in addition was involved in Quality Assurance audits, incident reporting as well as recruitment. He is also a part owner of a private aircraft and is working on his PPL.

Provincial Training Officer: Larry Wall

Larry has been involved with CASARA for over 10 years and now and has just signed on as Provincial Training Officer. As a Training Officer, he focuses on membership currency, but also fulfills the role of spotter and heads up the Ground Homing Specialist training