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DSCF6985-Exposure Sharon K. with our National Administrator Bill R. doing some Ground Homing Training

DSCF7016-Exposure Sharon K. searching for the training beacon

DSCF6979-Exposure Map and Compass skills put to use

DSCF7057-Exposure-Exposure Back row (from L to R): Jim V., Sharon K, Rick O., Minette L., Maurice M., Dale K., Randy K., Mitch R., Larry W.
Front row: Bill R., Wayde B., Grayson F., Steve C.

DSCF6887-Exposure A thorough checkout of our Ground Homing Kit

DSCF6921-Exposure%20%282%29 Ground Homing Team: Grayson F., Bill R., Sharon K., Larry W.

DSCF6956-Exposure Homing Time: Grayson F., Sharon K.

DSCF6926-Exposure Our "Little L-Per"

qajaq_w Moving platform for Drone

FZHW4734 Mock aircraft for training

CYDF_Asset1_CGGYH Deer Lake Zone Asset C-GGYH - Cessna Cardinal 177

CYDF_Asset2_CFGIP Deer Lake Zone Asset C-FGIP - Cessna 172

CYYT_Asset1_CGAQM St. John's Zone Asset C-GAQM - Cessna 180

CYYT_Asset2_CFCFJ St. John's Zone Asset C-FCFJ - Cessna 185

CYYT_Asset3_CGJRV St. John's Zone Asset C-GJRV - Piper Archer PA-28

CYYT_Asset4_CGMAH St. John's Zone Asset C-GMAH - Cessna 182

GHS1 Closing in on the Signal: Sharon K., Brendan W., Maurice M.

GHS2 Searching high and low: Sharon K., Brendan W.

Waterbomber_search2 Deer Lake Members aboard Waterbomber
David4 Deer Lake Members aboard Waterbomber 2

NF%20Male%20Crew%202 Training3 Training2 Training1

SAREX IMG_1325 GHS3 Found it! - Maurice M.

32350063 CH-149 Cormorant

32350067 C-FCFJ Rollout


IMG_2884 CC-130H Hercules SAR Aircraft


SAREX%202007%20Photos%20083 SAREX%202007%20Photos%20155 100_2175 Flying above C-FCFJ

IMG_2892 Bell CH-146 Griffon Helicopter

David1 St. John's zone assets

David3 St. John's zone assets

David5 David6 Sharon K. spotting from the back seat

David9 David10 David11